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11 Intercultural Communication and PR

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Normally towards the end of the course we look at PERSUASIVE CAMPAIGNS and evaluate whether or nor the images/messages/persuasive strategies/media mix would work in one country better than another and why. For example the approach in a low context culture would/should/might be very different from the approach in a high context culture ...


I understand that you have not really examined persuasive campaigns and we could take the same approach with advertisements - how do colours change from one culture to another, do shapes have the same subliminal power everywhere? does the circle always mean ... and the triangle tend to be perceived as being ...???


Here is an overview of a few 'errors'


intl pr -sitns, opps, probs, egs.ppt


Here are some cases in International PR which may help you to put these two courses together







Over the holidays, CAN YOU ALL... find examples of road safety/drugs/health campĂ igns from your countries? We're going to have a good look at the evidence!




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