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Course Intercultural Communication Professor Anne Dwyer


Course Description

This course combines theory, case studies and exercises to provide students with a foundation for understanding, managing and interacting effectively in multicultural situations. Values, beliefs, expectations, customs and attitudes of various ethnic groups are studied and techniques and strategies are discussed to facilitate communication in the global village.

Course Objective

The student will learn to analyse issues facing multinationals and companies when involved in international operations. Students will learn how to work effectively in multicultural teams and how to approach communication in a variety of settings.



  1. Why study Intercultural Communication : Cultural Awareness


  1. Critical Analysis Exercises


  1. Theories of Intercultural Communication: Hofstede, Trompenaars …


  1. Comparing theories: The Lewis Model


  1. Comparing theories: Attitudes and Beliefs


  1. Mid-term


  1. Research Project Presentation: Country Analysis


  1. Practical Applications: Communication Styles


  1. Communication and use of verbal and non-verbal language


  1. Conflict and Co-operation


  1. Simulations and Case Studies


  1. Case Study NKK




20% Class attendance

30% Assignments (including analysis of one culture; research on theories,website visits etc)

30% Mid-term exam/quizzes


20% Final



Websites you must visit and report back on:



http://www.cultureactive.com/help/demo.html             The Lewis Model explained



http://www.geert-hofstede.com/      Geert Hofstede’s website



http://www.7d-culture.nl/index1.html              Alfons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden Turner’s site



www.tmcorp.com Walker, Walker and Schmitz’s site



www.ibm.com/software/globalization/topics/diversity/index.jsp              IBM’s advice site on intercultural communication




(The above websites will also be of considerable help when you do your culture presentations)



Articles to download


“Fundamentalism in Global Management and Organisational Ideologies” by Angélique du Toit



Website to joinif you feel inspired by this field of communication and want to know more and keep up-to-date

www.dialogin.com/             The Delta Intercultural Academy: an international  forum for intercultural  communication


 Videos to watch


On who needs intercultural training




Collectivism v Individualism




on high v low context cultures





TED.TALKS: not really Intercultural Comm but interesting all the same! Barry Schwartz on how the number of choices affects us
























On individualism v collectivism








































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